Newcastle pilates classes - Hunter Physio Broadmeadow

We operate fun and friendly pilates classes from our Newcastle studio

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a non-impact, low resistance form of exercise that focuses on developing your Core Stability, Balance, Flexibility, Co-Ordination, Posture and Strength.

It’s the perfect adjunct to your sport/exercise or dancing to help improve performance and avoid injury, and also may assist to correct posture and reduce the incidence of low back pain.

How Does Hunter Physio Sports Clinic Teach Pilates?

At Hunter Physio Sports Clinic we run small group Pilates mat classes, which are taught by qualified instructors with over 10 years Pilates experience. Our mat classes are held in the practice in a private area during the evenings with one morning class option.

You will use various pieces of Pilates equipment such as balls, bands, rollers, rings and weights to keep the class challenging and interesting.

The classes have varying abilities (Beginners to Intermediate) with participants signing up for a block of classes in line with the school terms (usually 10 weeks). Some classes (those taught by our Physio) may entitle you to claim a rebate from your health fund.

Pilates Assessments

If you are new to Hunter Physio Sports Clinic or haven’t been seen for some time you will be required to have an initial Pilates Assessment with our Physio to teach you the basic concepts of Pilates and correct core activation, to screen for any limitations, and to determine the most appropriate class for you to attend.

Benefits Of Pilates

If your goal this year is to have a leaner, stronger and more flexible body, then small group Pilates classes at Hunter Physio Sports Clinic will be a great way to achieve this.

So if you’re keen to do Pilates in Newcastle, give us a call now on 49653511 to reserve your place in the next block of classes.

Newcastle pilates classes - Hunter Physio Broadmeadow