Pregnancy Physiotherapy

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We provide professional pregnancy physiotherapy services for mothers in Newcastle

Low Back and Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy and Following Childbirth

During pregnancy many women experience low back, pelvic and buttock pain due to hormonal changes and the additional load placed on their body due to their growing baby. Hormonal changes which change ligament elasticity cause increased mobility at the pubic symphysis and sacro – iliac joints, which can produce pain and inflammation at these joints or occasionally, the extra mobility within the pelvic joints can leave the joints vulnerable to injury, similar to injuries that normally might only occur with a slip or a fall.

Experience With Pregnancy Related Issues

At Hunter Physio Sports Clinic our physios have particular expertise in managing injuries related to pregnancy and childbirth and, after thorough assessment, plan a programme of treatment which addresses your specific needs. This may be manual therapy to alleviate pain; techniques to restore pelvic symmetry; exercises to improve core muscle strength or a combination of the above.