Kieran Hazell

Kieran Hazell

Pilates Instructor

Experienced Pilates Instructor

Kieran has been practicing Pilates for over 18 years and teaching regular mat work Pilates Classes at Hunter Physio for the last eight years after gaining her Pilates Instructor qualification in 2014 at The Pilates Institute of Queensland.

Fun, varied and challenging classes

In her classes she will use equipment and incorporate props; such as hand and leg weights, stretch and booty bands, Pilates ball, foam roller, sliders and the Pilates Ring/Magic Circle to allow her clients to challenge themselves and find those lazy muscles.

During the class Kieran likes to correct imbalances, breathing and posture, so you’ll not only improve your core strength and flexibility, but you’ll also improve daily function and feel great. I’m sure you have heard that “Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise” and whole lot of fun!

Class timetable offers both face to face and online classes. Bookings are online.

Pilates has improvements for everyone

Kieran has taught Pilates to a wide variety of people; ballet dancers, marathon runners, teenagers with spinal problems; elderly clients with immobility issues; Dad and daughter duos or those just wanting a weekly exercise class to improve their sport or day to day movement.

She will make you feel welcome as she creates a fun and tailored class to your fitness level. She can modify the class so that you will gain the most benefits out of Pilates. She uses cues to help you activate the correct muscles and they might even make you smile, especially when she gets you to image you have a tray of your favourite drinks (water or cocktails) balancing on your knee!

With both face to face and online pilates classes offered allowing flexibility. Online bookings.

Qualified Nutritionist

Kieran also has two degrees from Newcastle University; Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Consumer Science. To accompany this, she has qualifications in Marketing & Communications (Cert IV). She has an interest in gut health, functional eating and overall wellness.

Before becoming a Pilates Instructor, she worked for 13 years for an International Pharmaceutical Company as a Specialist Medical Representative and then moved into a management role.

Pilates During Pregnancy & Mum Life

Today, Kieran is a busy mum to 3 beautiful school age children. She did regular Pilates while pregnant as a safe and beneficial way to exercise, and now does Pilates to help maintain her busy mum life. Kieran is married to Sports Physio Paul Hazell.

Pilates for Corporate Groups

Kieran also runs Pilates Classes for industry, work and Business Groups. So, if you are a company or you manage a group of people, and want to provide Corporate Fitness that allows benefits for the workplace, team environment and individual, then Pilates group classes can be used as a reward or even as a way to help grow and build your team morale. Please contact our office for more information.

Pilates Assessments

With Pilates at Hunter Physio you may want to have an initial Pilates Assessment with one of our physiotherapists as a first step. They will assess any issues requiring focus on and check you are activating your core properly so that you can gain the most out of your Pilates. I hope to see you in a Pilates class soon!