Paul Hazell

Paul Hazell


APA Sports Physiotherapist

30 Years’ Experience

Senior consulting physiotherapist Paul Hazell is a qualified PE teacher and physiotherapist who has been practicing sports physio for the past 30 years.

In 2006 he was awarded the coveted title of APA Sports Physiotherapist which recognises his expertise in the treatment of sports injuries.

He also completed additional training in Dry Needling in 2014.

Sporting Background

Being an active cyclist and runner; past Ironman triathlete and ex elite rugby league player; Paul understands the need to keep active during your rehabilitation and therefore will endeavour to give you options to work around the limitations of your injury and get you back running as quickly as possible.

Paul worked as a gym instructor during his university studies and continues to do regular weight training at the same gym in Newcastle.

Owned & Operated Hunter Physio 23 Years

In 1995 Paul established Hunter Physio at The Nineways, Broadmeadow and has continued to work with athletes of this region ever since, including his previous involvement as a consultant for the New South Wales Institute of Sport and the Hunter Academy of Sport.

Local, National & International Physio Roles

Officially recognized as an APA Sports Physiotherapist in 2006, Paul was the senior physiotherapist of the Newcastle United Jets football club from 2007 to 2011 and has a wealth of experience with all the major football codes in Australia; having previously worked with Balmain and Parramatta Rugby League Clubs, Sydney Swans AFL Club, Randwick Rugby Club and the Australian Women’s Soccer team, “The Matilda’s”.

He has also worked with elite gymnasts at the NSW Gymnastics Titles and provided physio and injury management services at hockey, netball and touch football tournaments over many years.

Expertise In Lower Limb Injuries

Paul’s expertise includes management of all lower limb injuries. This includes the back, pelvis, sacroiliac joint, foot, ankle, knee, hip and associated musculature; with thorough assessment and complete biomechanical assessment, paramount to resolving your injury.

He strives to be the best physiotherapist in Newcastle for the treatment of lower limb injuries.

Lower Back & Pelvic Pain

Paul has a special interest in the management of difficult pelvis and hip complaints; particularly the inter-relationship between pelvic and lumbar spine dysfunction, which can lead to altered nerve function and how this can have an effect on other lower limb injuries. This may be following a slip or fall, a sporting injury or commonly after childbirth.

Pregnancy Physio

Paul often helps women manage back and pelvic pain through pregnancy and beyond. These injuries require correction of pelvic alignment, restoring normal muscle balance around the pelvis and re-activating the core muscles which stabilize the pelvis.

Not Only Lower Limb Injuries

Whilst he is passionate about treating lumbar spine, pelvis and lower limb injuries, Paul also enjoys treating a variety of other injuries including the shoulder, neck and elbow; along with difficult thoracic spine and rib dysfunctions.

Dance Physiotherapy

Having an interest in dance physiotherapy; and over 30 years of sports physiotherapy experience; allows Paul to understand the possible contributions to dance injuries; make an accurate diagnosis; and then give you the best treatment and advice to allow you to pursue your dance training.

Pilates Classes

Paul introduced Pilates classes at Hunter Physio in 2012, giving our patients a great tool for core strengthening and end stage rehabilitation of their injuries. He is a fully accredited Pilates Instructor through the Pilates Institute of Queensland.

After teaching mat classes in the clinic for 5 years, Paul handed over to wife Kieran; who is a Pilates enthusiast; and she has continued to teach regular Pilates classes ever since.

Classes are conducted in the gym area at Hunter Physio Sports Clinic and can be booked online.

Family Life

When he’s not training himself, Paul is kept busy supporting the sporting pursuits of his three young children – water polo, surf lifesaving, swimming, soccer, tennis, gymnastics and dancing.