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Physiotherapy Services

Hunter Physio believe in curing the cause of your pain, not just treating the symptoms, giving us a reputation as one of the best physiotherapists in Newcastle.

Hip & Groin Physiotherapy

Injuries to the hip and groin commonly occur whilst participating in recreational activities, sports and in the workplace.

Knee Physiotherapy

Knee pain can affect Novocastrians from all walks of life, ranging from the young to the elderly, and from the elite to the everyday athlete.

Ankle & Foot Physiotherapy

In the foot & ankle; there are many bones, ligaments, muscles & tendons in a compact area; making this area particularly vulnerable to injury.

Shoulder Physiotherapy

Hunter Physio has the skills and expertise to address all your shoulder injuries, whether they be post-operative, wear & tear, from a fall or trauma.

Lower Back and Pelvis Physiotherapy

Low Back Pain is an extremely common complaint in modern society with up to 80% of the population suffering some form of lower back pain in their lifetime.

Neck and Thoracic Spine Physiotherapy

At Hunter Physiotherapy in Newcastle , we assess and treat all forms of neck, rib, and middle back pain.


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