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Nick Haddon

Massage Therapist

Nick was born and raised in Alice Springs. Upon finishing school in 1996 he headed to Newcastle, primarily to be closer to bigger races and stronger competition in his main sport of cycling. He spent the next 4 years following the racing scene around Australia, competing in everything from local club racing up to the National Road Series.

After many years of racing Nick decided it was time to concentrate more on University studies. During this break he took time to compete in various other sports, including AFL, golf and eventually running and triathlon.

In 2009, due to an ACL tear, Nick had his knee reconstructed. This recovery period gave him the opportunity to look at his career goals and eventually lead to the completion of his personal training degree. After a full recovery, Nick set about chasing many bucket list events including ironman, marathon, running, cycling and triathlon events. Eventually, Nick started his own coaching business aiming to assist triathletes, runners and cyclists to obtain the skills and confidence needed to not only compete in their first races, but achieve bigger goals as well.

During his time competing and as a coach, Nick was able to see firsthand the benefits of massage therapy, not only for athletes but people in general. Completing his Diploma of Remedial Massage, Nick can now enjoy assisting clients with general maintenance, aiding performance and injury prevention.

My main focus is:

Q.What are your core beliefs about wellness and health??

Wellness and health are the sum of all the parts. Trying to create balance in life, nutrition and fitness is important.

Q.What key health lessons do you like to impart to patients??

Getting to the start line in good health and uninjured is the most important thing. Recovery that includes sleep, stretching and massage are key components of this

Q.What do you enjoy about your job??

Helping people to be able to live their lives or chase their dreams, whether it be for optimal performance or helping to manage or assist in overcoming injures. This job allows me to meet and help many different people. It is a common place to listen to their goals and hear their stories whist providing the treatment they require.

Q. What are your extracurricular passions??

Currently my main activities are all sport based and focussed on cycling, running and triathlon. However you can find me anywhere from a golf course, in the gym, a spartan race, squash courts or kicking a footy around the park.